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Originally Posted by BMWE90 View Post
if you have to ask if it's worth it, then it's probably isn't.
I've seen this question asked about a million times:
hi im new to ka-ts but not 240sxs (im actually on my 4th s13) anyway im a drift nut and looking to an alternative to the ever rediculous sr20 anyway i want to go ka-t but am curious as to if any of thes ebay kits are any good like the set up or just quality of the parts anyway, if you could give me some hints or tips, or a good set up to run on a stock s13 twin cam
The answer:

Originally Posted by Voltron
Most everybody knows by now, but every now and then we get the question on these forums. "Is this turbo on ebay any good?"
I bought one of these a few years ago before I knew any better ( yes, years ) and had it on my car for about 50 miles. The results? Spectacular catastrophic failure.

Firstly, yes its true. The compressor housing is GLUED together.

All I had to do was give it a solid knock with a wrench and it split. The actual failure of this turbo was the impeller wheel hitting the compressor housing. What you are looking at in these photos is the metal that is gone from the impeller wheel. Look on the sides of the blades, lots of metal is now missing and presumed blown into my intercooler and engine. On the back you can see how much metal is gone. The marks look like it was shaved with a serrated knife, and only on one side.

Hopefully those photos are clear enough to illustrate exactly why you should avoid this garbage.
Sometimes it is best to ask first..

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