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Originally Posted by OC 335i View Post
The pick would not have been as effective if Lamar Odom played the inbounds play correctly. Both Jeff Van Gundy and Rick Carlisle on ESPN explained the play in detail. Dirk was inbounding the ball and Lamar backed up several steps closer to Jason Kidd. Everyone knew the play was for Dirk, after inbounding the ball, Lamar needed to play ball denial on Dirk. If he did this, any screen would NOT have been as effective, in fact, they may have needed to use multiple screens which would have been a problem since they only had less than 7 seconds.

Lamar played great D most of the game but totally dropped the ball on that play. When you are up by 3, you don't give up the 3. When there's > 7 seconds left, then you let them score 2, chances are, they won't have that much time on their last shot. Up by 3, let them score 2. Let's say it takes them 3-4 seconds to make that shot. Then you have 3-4 seconds left on the game, Lakers inbound, they foul immediately, there will be 2-3 seconds left in the game (if that). Lakers make/miss FTs. Dallas has 2-3 seconds left in the game but they were OUT OF TIMEOUTS.
Yes I can agree on Lamar's lack of talent when it comes to defending a 3 point shot from an inbound play. He should've stuck to Dirk from the moment he released the ball into play and to the moment he got it back from Kidd or whoever it was.

STILL doesn't negate the fact that Jason Terry gave Farmar a nice New England Patriot linesmen frontward push colliding Farmar to Lamar. That's a violation, period.

You can argue that if Lamar limited the gap between him and Dirk from the inbound, then the screen wouldn't have been as effective. HOWEVER, you can understand that if Jason Terry was going to provide a moving screen (PUSHING Farmar with his elbows into a favorable position), he could've easily pushed him to Lamar regardless of how close he was on Dirk.

Not athlete is responsive, skillful, and god like when it comes to clutch plays (#24 is an exception), on offensive/defensive. That's why we rely on efficient officiating for the game to be played fairly. In my observation, this game was not officiated fairly.

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