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Originally Posted by m3inwaiting View Post
My family will get through this ok. We'll just work a bit longer, save a bit more and spend less. I generally feel bad for many of the service providers who earned my business. Landscaping and housecleaning are first on the chopping block.
I share the exact same opinion. You would be surprised how many people don't understand this concept.

There is a bar tender that used to work at a local upper scale restaurant where my wife and I would go every Friday evening. She was railing on an on about her disdain for Republicans and the "evil" wealthy. We made many friends at the bar with other locals and nearly all of us fell into that "evil" category. She just didn't get the concept that those "evil" folks are the one's with the disretionary income to eat/drink there and keep the restaurant open to the point of being in a position to provide her dumb ass a job.