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Originally Posted by vinh View Post
That's just weird..I've seen this rim on other M3's before in these forum so I just figured there wouldn't be any issues. But when I turn it definitely rubs. It has created some holes on the inside of the wheel well.. I haven't been driving the car until I get my new set of tires tomorrow from tire rack.
Ouch...that's not good at all.

Hey vinh,

Are you sure that your front tire size is 245/35/20?

Because that tire size is way too big for the front wheels on this car.

The maximum overall tire diameter that you can run on the E9xM3 is ~ 26.0" max. (255/30/20)

Anything larger than this will definitely rub away at the wheel liners, since the available clearances from the factory are so tight.

245/35/20 tires have an outside diameter of 26.8" which is almost an entire inch over the limit.

That's the reason your wheel liners are damaged. (assuming that your wheel offsets aren't wrong as well)

The M3 simply doesn't have enough room inside the front wheel well to accommodate such a large tire. (without suffering some rubbing damage)

Are you absolutely sure the guy who sold you these wheels told you that was the correct tire size?

Please keep us updated on this situation.

I'm curiuos to see what went wrong here. (wrong tire size, wrong wheels offsets, or both)
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