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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
You have to understand that the poor man cannot comprehend the concept that here in the US we do not look to the government for our quality of life. He does not understand that he is responsible for the quality of his children's education & their healthcare. That he is responsible for his life & the government is not.
How can one be responsible for the quality of his own healthcare? A person with perfect genes and perfect health can, but what is left to others? Government is a compromise, but civilized society is based on a notion that the strong help the weak even if they don't really want to.
I disagree with this popular American despise for the goverment. If there is no government, the law becomes simple: the strong kills the weak. period. That applies to both humans and businesses. That, of course, results in "healthy natural selection," but for civilized educated people living in a jungle is not pleasant.