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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Ah, so let me get this straight -- you feel sorry for someone for understanding the flaws around and for matching the opinions of, clearly by any poll, at least 75% of Americans and at least 90% of the rest of civilized world.

You feel sorry for someone that is using personal experience to relate to the exactly the same path the USA is moving last 8 years. Someone who came to this country 20-ish years ago with a grand in his pocket and...

You on the other hand have daddy millionaire and the only thing that conccerns you if the next potus will tax you 2, 5, or 7% higher than the current one. You don't give a shit about the regular American person or below average ones that are suffering heavily these days... You don't care that 5000 American kids will not come back from who knows where for who knows what reasons...

Hmmm, yep, please continue feeling sorry for me

BTW, if I were unhappy that you keep claiming in you ridiculous posts, I would have left a long time ago -- I had a chance numerous times. All I said is that I see hope in one candidate and no hope in another. If another wins -- I will revisit my options...

How about you?

And all you care to do is sit on here and complain about how bad the country is, place blame in the same spot over and over again, and generally contribute deconstructively to any and all discussions. Most people are inherently positive, thank God, and after a while your cynicism gets tiring and disheartening.

Of course, if you were in a position to actually do something about the issues that you so adamantely complain about, the situation would be different. But no, you sit on the sidelines and constantly blame and complain.

And if you were unhappy, you would have never left. In fact, our arguments fuel your desire to continue posting, because it is your goal, whether concious or not, to spread your negativity to everyone. Most inherently pessimistic individuals are like that, and you are no exception.