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Originally Posted by Icedog_16 View Post
I won't honor dr325i with a rebuttal as his contribution to the thread was preemptively written off. However, since it's topical, I will add the comment of a friend as to why the US is 'hated so badly', according to dr himself. It boils down to this:

And to which I add that a lot of them are pissed off because we already are ahead - and in the eyes of history, we are but a youngster. People love to hate winners and, as such and to use sports analogies, they hate the Patriots, the Yankees, the Lakers, the Canadiens, the Red Wings, etc.; they only like the home team. Instead of self-loathing, I am glad that the winning team is the home team as well; I wouldn't want it any other way. Having a defeatist attitude will only lead to that - defeat.

I will temper my comment with the idea that we cannot become complacent. We must continue to strive to be the best we can be. All too often it seems as though when we are one-upped that we look at it as the beginning of the downfall of the US when, in fact, it's a signal that we need just to try harder.
Obviously you have been outside of your backyard to write stuff like that.
You have no clue how others live and what is out there.
But you believe you find all that out from the news...