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Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
Uh, no. The GT86 is considered an excellent driver's car because it is not built to set the best lap times. A driver's car is made to satisfy the driver, not the stopwatch.
IMO, exactly this.

While the new GT3 is cool and all, and all of the new technology and electronics will make the car ridiculously fast around any circuit, they've made it just that: an electronic car. Porsche GT cars were supposed to be the "purist" cars, with only simple electronics like ABS and maybe traction control.

I think all of these electronics would perfectly suit say an Fcar, but never did I think that a Pcar, especially a GTx Pcar, would have all of these electronics stuffed into it. Granted DCT/PDK/w.e is the way of the future, yada yada, but still kinda disheartening to see this.
Originally Posted by DisGuy View Post
god damn that car is nice. i would sell my girlfriend for it
Originally Posted by mastek View Post
why dont you leave him a love note on the car -- with hearts and shit

lol - seriously tho -- I find notes on my car sometimes -- but it's NEVER from girls -- -- damm M3 is a ghey magnet