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Originally Posted by RGS View Post
some more info.

first shop was my choice. they did a small teardown and found what he believed to be a structural total. insurance disagrees says they believe it is safe to repair and the $35k estimate is not enough to total would need to be in the high $40-50k range to total.

it doesn't make sense this car has a pretty high salvage value why not total it sell it pay me the value and only pay out about 20k for this claim instead of 30-40k
I don't think what you're saying makes sense, if they total the car then they have to pay you or bank $60k+..if they sell the smashed up total car for $20k at auction then they still lost $40k from totaling it. That's why unless damage is almost the cost of the car blue book then they will fix it if possible. So to get a brand new M3 totalled the damage really has to be unrepairable or exceed $45-$50k in damages.