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Originally Posted by ILSMKU View Post
What up player! Nice to meet you too buddy. Yea man, some punk kid in white competition edition with silver wheels and the carbon splitters and spoiler was just being a total idiot today. My wife has seen him driving like an idiot before too. I dont care about him rev'ing on me and chasing me down. I just want to remind him that yea its a nice car and yes I SAW him. But he almost ran a woman and little girl over. The mom had to jump back and yank her kid back. It was totally not cool.

If he stole it from his old man, I would love to rat him out. But in our area... as you know.... mommy and daddy probably bought it for him.
Yo! I'm from the south side.

Hmmm, I'm trying to think if I've seen the car you're talking about, don't think so. There is definitely another AW E92, but it has the non comp pack OEM wheels with tan interior, but I've never talked to him.