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Originally Posted by NYCGP View Post
Very similar.. But she sucked my dick and kept telling me it was hers now.. She was all about being extremely physical in bed. A lot of holding each other down and pinning up against walls. It was before my total sexual awakening in college. This experience was kinda overwhelming and honestly I felt a bit dominated. I had two more episodes of this with her before she lost her mind on some chick that I was talking to outside of class one day. I did my best to carefully let her down. Thankfully she found some other dude a few weeks later and I was off the hook.

I don't think this ever qualified as awkward though.. More emasculating.
sounds just like my roommate's gf right now... she runs track too LOL

except she confronted a girl at a party that was talking to her bf with a brick in her hand X_X