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WTF are you looking at?
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Originally Posted by FwdFtl View Post
Same chick? Haha, nah I'm on the west coast but the same chick ran track too.

That would be more than gay. For clarity sake, when I say fucked me, I mean she hopped on my pole and I stayed still like a scared little boy while she gripped my chest and called me a lot of nasty things and told me to shutup and shyt like that.
Very similar.. But she sucked my dick and kept telling me it was hers now.. She was all about being extremely physical in bed. A lot of holding each other down and pinning up against walls. It was before my total sexual awakening in college. This experience was kinda overwhelming and honestly I felt a bit dominated. I had two more episodes of this with her before she lost her mind on some chick that I was talking to outside of class one day. I did my best to carefully let her down. Thankfully she found some other dude a few weeks later and I was off the hook.

I don't think this ever qualified as awkward though.. More emasculating.
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