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Originally Posted by hav2flynow View Post

We lived for millions if not billions of years with God (and dinosaurs)in our spirtual bodies on Earth as it was in its full glory (there is palm wood in the artic, found when drilling for oil, there is palm wood fossilized in Arizona) After Satan's rebellion and the rebellion of 1/3 of Gods children with him, God ended that age with the kataballo(greek) thorw down, destruction. All was distroyed including the Dinosaurs. After God cleansed the earth (shook it, Magnetic north and True north are 3degrees off, causing deserts and artic, it will be returned after this flesh earth age).
Is there a Bible reference for this? ... I'd love to read it.

The quaint thing about the bible is that you can interpret it to mean anything at all.

Do you really believe the bible was written such that the meaning had to be scoured out of it with so much effort? Why? I think it was written for simple people to read (or more likely listen to) and understand a very simple message. Now people are trying to make "sense" out of it ... trying to turn it into a history book. You miss the point entirely. Such efforts also smack of a lack of faith.