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I was not going to continue to post on this thread because it has really gotten out of hand. The non-belivers just want to flame the believers and many of the belivers and non-belivers are unstudied Biblically. However, i felt sorry for the guys all woried about the Dinosaurs. Also, I will address Adams Rib and Noahs Ark from the Bible.

Read Job 40:15 Behemoth (behemah in Hebrew) meaning any large quadruped.
Job reads: God talking to Job: Behold now Behemoth which I have made with thee; he eateth grass as an ox. (Etc) He moveth his tail like a Cedar. His Bones are as strong pieces of brass;his bones are like bars of iron.
What animal do we have today with a tail as big as a Cedar (cedar of Lebanon was HUGE and mentioned throughout the Bible) and Bones like iron? Fossils of Dinosaurs.

You first have to understand the 3 Earth ages. The age that was. 2 Peter 3 will help (there are many other verses but Im not planning on spending all day here (just to get flammed) doing a Bible study) You can get a "Strongs Exhaustive Concordance" it will help you find verses and take words back to the Greek or Hebrew from the Manuscripts.
We lived for millions if not billions of years with God (and dinosaurs)in our spirtual bodies on Earth as it was in its full glory (there is palm wood in the artic, found when drilling for oil, there is palm wood fossilized in Arizona) After Satan's rebellion and the rebellion of 1/3 of Gods children with him, God ended that age with the kataballo(greek) thorw down, destruction. All was distroyed including the Dinosaurs. After God cleansed the earth (shook it, Magnetic north and True north are 3degrees off, causing deserts and artic, it will be returned after this flesh earth age). He recreated animals(no dinos this time) (one day with the Lord is like a thousand years with man, one day of Gods creation in the Bible is really 1000 man years) etc. On the 6th day (or 6thousandth year(Genesis 1:26) after the Kataballo, he created man in his own image without knowlege of the world that was to decide if (with free will as we always had) we would follow Satan or follow God). Rested on the 7th day and on the 8th (or 8thousandth year)(Genesis 2:5,6,7) there was not a man to till the ground. The Lord formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils (this is ADAM, 8th day creaiton not 6th day man creation.) Genesis 2:22 And the Rib, bla bla (Rib in Hebrew: Tsela: Feminine, curve) The word rib in Hebrew is not a bone in the body but the DNA, Helix Cureve as we know today. He took the feminine DNA from Adam. (use your Strongs Concordance to take rib back to the Hebrew) Adam (8th day creation) was the seed line that Christ would come through. Genesis 4:16/17 Cain went to Nod and took a wife (HELLO people, this was not his sister, there was a 6th day creation of man/woman) READ!!!

Now about Noah: his daughters were the only ones that did not mix with the (Hebrew:Naphal:fallen angels,angels that followed satan) Read Genesis 6. They saw the daughters of men and took them wives. Their offspring where Giants (Hebrew: nephil: giant) and had full knowlege of the world that was.
The point of being in Flesh in this 2nd earth age was not to know the world that was and to decide if we are going to follow satan or God. So God flooded the region (not the world-Mr Penguin man) and killed everything in the region that had the influx of the fallen angels and giants. In Revelations it states when Satan(antichrist or Greek: Antichristos= opposite, instead of) instead of Christ will return with his fallen angels to give and take in marriage as in the days of Noah. However, the real Christ will return in 5months after the fake or antichrist, so the Nephil will never have a chance to be born of woman.

Don't flame the messenger. I am not here to convert anybody, God gave you free will to make your own choices. I did not make up what I said above, I study the Bible (i do not study mans word or man made Church traditions that make VOID the WORD of God) and am simply relaying what is said in the Bible. I even gave you many verses to check it out for yourselves. Weather you believe it or not, thats up to you!