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"What message?"

That he created us and wants to have a relationship with us. Its our choice to want to come closer to God or reject Him.

"Today is not that day. Man will outgrow god eventually."

Very True!!! I have noticed so much where men now despise God because of the action and inactions of other men. It is even proven in Revelations.

"because isn't is always the wish of the parents that the children better them in every way?"

I wish this was true in every case but sadly there are some parents who could give a shit about their kids and its very sad. My parents went well beyond their means and way for me and my younger brother to give us the life they never had and I am glad to say they succeeded. On my own @ 22 and have my own business and finance degree. Even have enough money to buy me any car I want for under 100k hehe E92 M3 here I come.

Much respect