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A regional BMW CCA event would be more days (2, at least many in CA are 2 days), more driving and less expensive. Other track clubs would lkely offer similar or even better deals. Both would be better than these over priced M Schools. These do focus more on track skills and less on defensive driving, i.e. dealing with surprises, panic maneuvers, driving in the rain, etc. The M school may be better for the latter but I have not actually been to one, so a bit of guessing there.

BTW, you can do a one day event (like WCD) and drive all of the following; F430, Gallardo, SLR McLaren, 599, AM Vantage, GT3, Ford GT (albeit much more conservatively) for about the same $. For this price I would do this instead. I actually signed up for one and due to poor communication on their end ended up missing it. I will get re-scheduled for one soon.