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Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
I agree with that. Good marketing as people will feel special and perceive value having the M on the back.

However, it does really water down the M brand IMO. Certain customers/enthusiasts are loyal to the M brand and this definitely takes away from the exclusivity/prestige. Right now, when you see the M on the back of a BMW you know its the top performance model. After the new M performance cars are available they will be lost in a sea of M badges.
Yeah, but the customers/enthusiasts that are loyal to the M brand are not more loyal to the brand then to the car that the brand makes, if one wont buy an M3 because the 335is is now called a M335i, it's because he don't buy the M3 for the good reason and I don't think it's those kind of peolple that buy M3! Its like if peolple would've stop buying 911s because Porsches now build less expensives cars like Boxters and Caymans!

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