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Originally Posted by TL View Post
nice collection Reed, I love my Pam and grown to love it more and more. It really stands out and can be worn with a suit or as a daily (but i stopped using it as a daily)

Panerai Luminor Base Logo by GQjai, on Flickr
Thanks Tim, but those 3 are only the tip of the iceberg I've been collecting fahsion watches for likely near 10 years, and have only recently moved on to higher end, and that collection is growing. (perhaps a little too fast) Must work on stopping that. I do see an end to it, I just have to get there

I wouldn't mind one of the sandwich faces like the one you have. I haven't really seen the lume at night on one, but can only imagine how bright it is. Mine could probably be spotted from a hunded feet away a few hours after it's gone dark... and it doesn't contain half the lume of the sandwiches.

which one is yours?

Originally Posted by immiketoo View Post
I like PANs too, just not yours. Sorry! The bezel is too funky for me. A bit too much going on. I saw a PAN rep at the Dorint near the Ring. They are amazing pieces. Heavy too!
No worries, I like busy watches I find some of the Pams are a little simple, and some of them can get too busy. Imagine mine with a chrono function!!! I couldn't do it...

Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
I'm a big fan of the Panerai's... one day I will own one. Personally, I like the style of Reed's over Tim's, but both are really nice.

If you ever get bored with it Reed, feel free to donate it to my broke-ass.
haha, I would, but I had to agree with my dad that the day I get bored of it, he gets it back. I suspect that's so he can trade it in for another watch for himself. Darn conditional gift...

Pam's are also hard to get bored of, there are so many different companes that make bands for them that if you get bored, you go online and order another 1 or 15 of them.