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The size has me on the fence. I too think I'd like the 45mm better. I know I wanted a bigger watch than my Submariner, but 50mm, man, I just don't know.
Can you post a pic of your Panerai on your wrist?

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haha, just did.... I was hoping more for the 45mm to be on sale, but the 48 isn't bad on my wrist. I'm lucky being big that I can get away with some of the bigger pieces.

My dad gave me a 47mm Panerai, and I manage to make it look like a normal sized watch, so a 48 isn't going to be a stretch.

I also threw the watch kit in with it, much needed for cleaning and sizing and maintaining my watches, I have lots of cheepies as well as a few high end ones. And most of the cheepies need new batteries while the high end ones needs sizing attention...