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dinan 4.10 diff installed and broken in

so i posted a little while ago about getting this diff installed and was almost talked out of it for a few reasons
1. the huge gas mileage decrease,
2. top speed loss
3 higher revs
4. more shifting
and only feeling faster not actually being faster as said by a few people

well after breaking in the diff and actually getting on it.. well its a completely transformed car
1. i haven't noticed any real losses, it really just depends how you drive i guess, and being this car has a high performance v8 gas guzzler as it, a few less miles dont really mean to much i guess.
2. ive lost about 5-10 miles in each gear after 3rd, i haven't really redlined it since i would have to be going pretty quick to be in those gears to get there and weather hasn't permitted it currently.
but the car accelerates so much quicker then stock, it feels like an entirely new car.
3. the car revs about 400-500 higher in each gear which explains the need for more shifting (4) and less top end speed, but like i said since it gets there so much quicker it doesnt bother me at all, i can also say i haven't noticed my self shifting more but less and imo i think it has to do with the car being able to hold higher speeds in higher gears, with that being said my gas milage around town and the highway hasnt decreased but maybe increased due to being able to stay in higher gears on the highway with less shifting when traffic slows down
im not a mechanic and am in no way implying with any of this that i know more about cars, so to others what im saying can sound crazy but im only going by observation. im sure on the track this might be the complete opposite which is what i think people were getting at.
all in all i can say im very happy with with this product and for the price i payed i have no regrets and i would highly recommend it for someone looking for a good bang for the buck
the car is faster! it doesnt just feel faster
hope this helps anyone considering this mod
and since installing this there is no sign of the m clunk!

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