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Originally Posted by .b0link View Post
I recommend none of those, but this discussion will always fall on deaf ears, and the person asking will just do what they want anyways. If you must get one of the three...get the cheapest one. You will drop it. And it will sting a lot less. Definitely buy used. That is advice from personal experience. Its not fun paying a loan for a nearly totalled bike that is sitting mangled in your garage.

Also, saying you had no problem with the MSF course, so you should be fine on the bike, is a lot like saying "Well, I read how to fly a helicopter online, I should be good to fly now."

You go, what 30mph max in MSF? What are you going to do when someone does an abrubt lane change/swerve directly into you while doing 70mph on the highway? Those are high speed reactions that only develop with experience. And make too much of a reaction to something on one of these bikes, and you will be in for a world of hurt.

Like I said, ultimitely you will just do what you want anyways. Best of luck, and keep em rubber side down friend.

This is awesome and so true. I also think, just as it states, the ones who need to read this most are the ones who will ignore it and think they don't need to.

My first bike was a Suzuki GS500, which I kept past my 2nd bike, eventually took to the track, and learned to really ride on.

Also raced my SV650 later and in novice they had put SV650s with 600 Fours, most of whom I passed in the corners (mind you this was novice, not expert). I had a 3rd place finish in a race where I started 15th, pack of 31 or so riders, and I was the only (bone stock motor) SV650 in the top 8, all others were 600cc Fours.

I still laugh when people dismiss Ninja 250s, GS500s, or SV650s as if they are boring bikes that you can't do anything on. The people that KNOW, they understand that when you dont have gobs of horsepower on tap, you HAVE to learn to be fast in the corners, to out brake, out lean, and out maneuver anyone else - because on these bikes, you sure aren't going to be passing anyone on the straights!!!