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Originally Posted by AlpineCloud9 View Post
Yeap, I understand that most people says to get a beater bike. But I am fairly competent driver and years of road/commuting biking experience, I think I will be fine.

All these bikes are considered middleweight, which is only 50-100 lbs heavier than the beat up Suzuki TU250X or the Honda 250 Nighthawk that I am using at the MSF course. Hell, the Triumph and the BMW feels even lighter the 250s considering how well the weight is distributed around the chassis. As long as I respect the throttle, I am think will be more than ok on those bikes, considering I will be able stop much better and shorter than an old beater if the needs ever arise.
Alright, in the end it's your decision ofcourse. Regardless of what bike you decide to get, wear adequate gear. Do I need to go through what I mean by that?