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Originally Posted by cntgetm3 View Post
Just finished. and it looks great. Two things: 1) The new Valentine1 kits come with a 2amp fuse, does it matter which one to use? I used the 3 amp will this affect anything? and 2) The A pillar is a bitch and a half to get back in after you remove it, so be careful.
Lower amp fuse just means less power to your V1 and that the fuse will blow more easily, which is good. Fuse is supposed to protect everything else, after all. I have never had any problems with the 3 amp in 5 years, but if the 2 amp can power the V1, then it's just an extra level of peace of mind. When I was searching for information on the DIY procedure, I noticed lots of people used a 5 amp, but I found that some people used a 3 amp and it worked for them, so I decided to go for the lower amp fuse.

Yes, the A-pillar is a bitch. I did this install 5-6 times by now, and I've done the A-pillar method once, on my own car. Ugh.