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Originally Posted by dagolfpro View Post
Latebraking, what is attached to the butt connector from the fuse tap? I can't see the blue tap that came from V1 in this picture. I can't tell if you have something else there. It's picture #13. The one before you explain about grounding with the torx wrench.

I got mine to work and hardwired. Wire is tucked and hidden but that blue butt connector is throwing me off. Did I miss something? Thanks for the great write up and pictures. By far the best I've found online.
Hey dagolfpro,

You can just go ahead and ignore the butt connectors in that photo. You'll see that the whole tap looks different from what I actually used. That's just a nice and clear photo that I found elsewhere from someone else (I think from either picus, bilbarstow, or E92Vancouver's posts on that I used as an example for using a fuse slot that already has a fuse in place and being used: It's general advice and not relevant if you're using the specific unused fuse slot #5 that I recommended. Sorry about the confusion.

Glad to hear that you got it up and running!