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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
As much as the data collected thus far firmly and unequivocally indicates dimensional changes to nominal bearing design dimensions, there are far too many unknowns to firmly conclude most of your "opinions" above.
That's why they are stated as no further proof is required.

Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
The given start date of 2010 for the production of the new 702/3 while the old 088/9 bearings remained in production until March/October 2011, doesn't make things any clearer - its possible that the bearing versions were made by different companies (there is a picture showing boxes with different countries of origin for the two bearing part numbers (Italy and Germany)).
We know they are different manufacturers. Clevite made the 088/089 bearings. Their logo can be found on them. Clevite did NOT make the 702/703 bearings. I believe Kawasaki said they were possibly made by "King" in Israel.