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I had a Euro 190E 2.3-16 that I upgraded to a 2.5 with cams, Evo II brakes and EvoII wheels. It looked great...

The Euro 190E 2.3-16 version even in stock trim was way faster than the US car, not only because of the US engine was detuned with 167HP vs 185HP but also because the US car was heavier.

At one point I had the Benz + two E30 M3s, one of them a real Sport Evolution like cme posted here, only in red, which I still have here in the US. In fact the black car picture above and mine are the only two Sport Evo's in the US.

Both cars are different, both fun. Like the video say the build quality of the Benz is/was superior, over engineered. My Benz was way faster than my US E30 M3 that only had a chip and exhaust, but that might be a unfair comparison. I also always liked the brakes on the Benz better than the M3, specially the Benz EvoII brakes which were nothing more than upper class Benz brakes from the SL 500, 4 pot aluminum calipers.... MB was doing this since late 80s. It only took BMW 25 years to upgrade the whole brake system, first on the 135i...

Will I buy a Benz again ?, hmmm, not sure, US version were/are slow so that probably why the guy on the video bought a Euro version. Now I will probably a regular 2.5-16 and import it.

After a couple of years after I got the Sport Evo in 1999 I almost bought a EvoII Benz, these cars fetch top dollar nowadays, almost the same amount as an Sport Evo. I missed that boat back then...

Anyway, both cars are cool cars to have and to drive....
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