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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Thank you for posting that . And the statement in bold is the most important consideration to me. And the first time somebody posts it. That's why I'm taking my time to make a final decision between the performance muffler and just modifying my stock one. Results seem similar to me. Thanks again.

I think the Perf muffler sounds a lot better than the modded stock ones. It really has a nice harmonic, like the OP said. I liked the sound a lot, just not the raspiness that it got when you remove the cats.

(BTW, most exhausts will get raspy when the cats come out, some mufflers are better than others at hiding it)

If you look at the BMW perf exhaust, it's completely straight through. Pretty amazing design, I'm shocked at how quiet it is, given how open the muffler is. You could easily roll a golf ball through it with room to bounce! I suspect the cans hang down simply because they have to, since it's all helmhotz resonators and chambers around the piping.

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