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Originally Posted by moss View Post
I can't wait for my copy of evo to plop through the door - at least us subscribers get it a day or two early (Off topic, who in Evo has the RS4 - i undertsand they had an engine remap at Audi to stop juddering on early morning starts - mine does the same, but my dealer knows nothing about this - i'd love to get this problem solved) - I think it's end of term goodbye to the EVO RS4 as well this month - what an issue it's gonna be - yipppeeeeeeeeeeee Thanks Steve for letting us know your first drive thoughts.
Actually the RS4 had already been returned to Audi's press fleet, unfortunately that hadn't had time to repair the bonnet before we took it out again. So wherever I drove it in France and Spain I had people pointing at the damage.. doh!

I don't believe it was chipped. It certainly drove very smoothly though and was quicker than a Ferrari 355 GTB that I met during a 100 mile sprint through southern Spain. He didn't seem pleased to be dispatched so strongly by an Audi A4..