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As well as occasionally joining magazines on these kinds of tests I also own the cars I review, so I've owned 3 E46 M3's, still own an M3 CSL and also a Z4M Coupe.

From my perspective and understanding what most of us discuss on forums such as this, I would summarise and say that most of you that are hoping the E92 M3 is good will not be dissapointed. It is good.

A friend of mine sent me a text yesterday as I was driving the E92 M3 and asked if I had to choose between my M3 CSL and this E92 M3, which car would I choose (assuming I could choose only one). My answer after much reflection was I would choose the E92 M3. Reasons? It's a very competent and fun car to drive, not a CSL in any way, but just as quick and just as loud. So anyone sitting on the fence trying to decide should they change from an E46 M3, I would say undoubtedly yes.

Perhaps I can try and help those of you speccing orders, with what works and what doesn't about the E92 M3. I will post up some views on this shortly.