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That argument is only valid for whites. Look back at the history of the Americas. Modern capitalism in the 1500s? Not quite. Wipe out the natives then implement blacks to build the country. Once they established themselves as the hegemonic status quo, they can then say "equal opportunity for all"- knowing that this socially constructed idea will benefit them more. It's not like capitalism is a naturally occurring idea. Economic trade, maybe yes. But the idea of capitalism as an equal opportunity for all is socially constructed and is totally bullshit.

But again, you don't really think we're all equal with the same life chances and resources do you?

Only for whites? You're right, just like an african-american can never become president? Sigh..
And because a black guy is in office, there's no racism anymore so equality is present for all.

You business and Econ majors are so small minded and enclosed in your own bubble. All you care about is your own self interest.