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Originally Posted by matthewk View Post
We are born with our looks, success is a product of what we do. What we do is completely in our control.

I think you should go back and re-read the OP. It's all about anti-socialisim and not leveling the playing field, just as you have spoken. The professor was making the class see that leveling the field was a very poor choice to make. Perhaps you mis-understood.
that was a reply to another post. im on your side here. the only thing i argue, is that to an extent there are things that arent equal and wont ever be. thats the only thing we disagree on. Their is nothing we can do about it is what i was trying to say.

EDIT: by unequal things im speaking of intelligence and those who are easily persuaded of success so much that they dont see whether something is actually going to work or not. (get rich quick type people, pyramid scheme people etc)

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