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Nutri-system + p90x = thoughts

I've got a buddy who is roughly 210lbs at 5'8. He used to be in pretty good shape in high school = 2004. He asks me for lifting and diet advice, I'm pretty solid at 5'10 190lbs. I am not a measuring cup brown rice kinda guy but I chose not to be but do know what is and isn't good for you. I can max leg press about 1000lbs, rep 10@645 lbs, I do high rep (25-30@135) on bench but usually hit 8-10 @ 225lbs and dead lift Max at around 400lbs or so. Just an example of my build.

He asks for my advice but doesn't take it more than 10% of the time, he's undisciplined and just doesn't what he wants regardless. Now his idea was well I'll do nutri-system and p90x w my gf... He has everything mapped out, the program is set for him and he's doing it. I may be wrong but I think it is a terrible idea. I would never do nutri system let alone mix it with high intensity workouts or getting bigger faster and stronger as a whole. I think one of the biggest parts of being an in shape individual is by using your own discipline and drive to do so not a pre mapped out diet that you become dependent of and a 90 day program.

Is mixing these two things healthy in a building and nutritional sense? I already feel it isn't and he should toss that nutri system crap away and develop the proper eating and training habits on his own but I can't imagine those diets to be muscle building and weight loss friendly.

I personally feel that it is my own diet and exercise effort that is what keeps me at the level of fitness and drive I am at. Far from perfect of course but still a solid performer. Thoughts?
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