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Originally Posted by rjd598 View Post
easiest way is to do the proper prep work, get a good ceramic coating on there, and just use soap and water from there on out. it's really not that hard and is definitely not a gimmick if done right, but to each their own!
Dawn dish soap is an excellent emulsifier, which is important because tires will lose about a liter of oil during their lives and rims will pick up a lot of oil from roads. Ceramic coating wheels makes a lot of sense because wheels get too hot for waxes.

In my experience, the most effective wheel cleaner I've used is a mix of rubbing alcohol, distilled water to preference (I don't use a lot), and dawn dish soap. I mixed it up in a pinch when I ran out of wheel cleaner. It works incredibly well, better than commercial products, and I've used it for wheels-off cleanings in preparation for coatings. Give it a try if you get the chance, you'll be surprised, I haven't purchased wheel cleaner since.

For the body of the car, I've only used dawn or rubbing alcohol in preparation for paint correction, applying sealant / waxes, or wrapping the car.