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Originally Posted by BadBob
As a petroleum engineer, I'm here to tell you that you don't know diddly. There's a vast difference between what you know and what you think you know.
Bob, being a petroleum engineer does not mean you know it either. The same, being an Electrical Engineer with the Masters Degree and 12 years of experience in Wireless Communications does not qualify me as an expert in Power Electronics. Actually, does not mean I know shit about it.
Therefore, if you work with it, does not mean you know what is behind it...

We do depend on foreign oil, but more because we coose to than because we have to. There is an oil reserve burried in every corner of the USA, and an oil source everywhere around us. Do we really need to dig, and spill, and ruin more of this planet -- maybe. Otherwise, we will run out of the reserves soon, too.

However, would it be better to invest and figure something else before we use up all reserves -- definitely.

Do the oil hungry politicians (READ Chaney, Bush & Co.) want us to be independent of oil -- hell no.

But again, the FOX says it is all opposite from what I said, so...