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Originally Posted by xchosun1x View Post
i have one..but gosh cant figure out how to use it haha

how were your times at button?
I ran 2:11.154 based off of timing, Harry's GPS said I ran 2:11.1 at my best.

The instructions suck, I know. The thing about the app is, you just turn it on, hit "I accept." on the legal disclaimer, then go to Racer's mode. On the top left, you'll see a little wrench. Load the track that you want, then just exit that screen. Leave it on Racer's mode, don't hit Go or anything. Just drive onto the track and the app will automatically activate itself and take lap times.

I messed it up last time because I was hitting Go and stuff, but you aren't supposed to touch anything, the timing auto-initializes itself.

Just make sure that you have the track that you are driving on downloaded.

Originally Posted by disapr View Post
I'm about to use it. I'm trying to get the wifi OBD adapter so that I can layer in actual stats from the car.
You can do that? I didn't even know that, I was too confused trying to figure out how it works. LOL

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