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Originally Posted by gr8000 View Post
I realise your point but soccer moms, grannys and a bunch of "unqualified" people also drive Porsches where the LC is activated in a much simple manner.

Look at it in another way: Taking DSC off (which is equally dangerous for soccer moms) comes at a press of a button. Why couldn't LC also be initiated with the press of a button, or (even better) by pulling both paddles for, say, 2 secs?

Not an excuse for BMW really...
It wears down the drive train, if its only with a push of a button, it would be too convinient and be used 100s of times, but if you make it a pain to set it up, you dont use it as much and avoid wear on drivetrain.

IMO they should put a red button somewhere so we can use it on streetlights hehe jk

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