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Originally Posted by PKumarM3 View Post
i have a 911. i also have an e46 m3 and an e90 335xi.

bmw is for me. but i don't make the car into something it isn't. i love bmw, i love the welt, i love their desire to be on the leading edge of technology.

i work in the automotive journalism industry, so i really wouldn't put any merit in what C&D or MT or RT say. theres a reason guys like Chris Harris are so revered in this field. he speaks the truth and doesn't care if it hurts anyones feeling.

the 1m is a great car, but like all M cars, its a compromise. when i went to BMW NA this past summer and asked them why they didn't put in a v8 into the 1m, which seemed like the most sensible thing to do (z3m had the s52 from the e36 m3, the z3m and z4m also had the s54 from the e46 m3 -weened down but still an s54). they indicated that they were more interested in fuel efficiency than power, since the car was plenty powerful already. that seems like they were just making the car to sell it, not really to appease enthusiasts.

thats like what clarkson said about the cayman and Porsche - it seemed more about marketing than about passion. they chose to make everything in between the boxster and the 911 as they didn't want the 911 to be embarrassed. in this case, bmw didn't want to embarrass the v8 m3.

but yeah, i love BMW.
If the 911 is a true sports your AUTOMATIC AWD 911 more of a sports car then my manual only 1M? I could care less about labeling a car a sports car or not, but how can you argue the 1M is not the purest form of BMW since the E30? Have you tracked it or let alone driven one?

1M is by no means a luxury coupe, unless you classify having leather as luxurious. I have no options, manual seats, no sunroof or any electronic gadgetry. So where do you get the basis of it being a luxury coupe?

M division is still alive and just have to find the most focused models they produce. Instead of posting bullshit on the forums you should have used some of your ingenius automotive foresight and placed a deposit on one of the best M cars ever made.

Now go ahead and make up some bullshit response and contradict yourself yet again.

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