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Originally Posted by Call View Post
Well...I've been following this whole thread and just want to throw one little fact into this whole mix. You guys maybe a little young to remember this but I give it a try. Remember when former President Jimmy Carter brokered a "peace" between Isreal and the Palistinian leadership so negiations could be given a chance? Isreal brought to the table a long list of demands...peace, live together but she wanted the United Nations to guarantee her safety. Arafat came to the table with a long list of demands, too. Isreal agreed to all of them except one which included the nation of Isreal being desolved.

One side has never intended to give an inch. History is clear as to what happened in the will happen, again.

"There is no answer when there is no question".

And a nearly identical result happened with Arafat and Barak just a few years ago... the Palestinians were offered enough land and support funds to give them a life that rivals the lifestyle found in suburban Chicago, INCLUDING statehood, no less (and EVEN co-capitalization of Jerusalem!!) ... and what did they say? "-No-", not as long as Israel exists....

They don't want what they say they want, they just want Israel and it's people destroyed. For the most part they'd be happy with dust and dead Israelis is the thing- and that's not a goal to be supported by anyone IMO. (not *every* Palestinian shares that desire I know, but the majority do)

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