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Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
This price does not compute. 335S payed $78076 including taxes, assuming no trade in on his E93 purchase he paid $73656 + $4420 in tax. So now he wants to sell a used E93 for a mere loss of $1656 after 3 months of ownership. Remember the next buyer has to pay 6% sales tax as well so it's not like the next owner saves on taxes.

I live in the same metropolitian area as 335S, and no one here is getting a premium for any body style M3. For me the price would have to be $65K or less before I'd even consider this purchase (assuming I was in the market for a vert). That's my $.02.
+1 I bought my car in west philly. Guess what, selling for invoice or less. And you cant say that there isnt promo financing on the E93 or E92, BMW is offering it in all markets nationwide. Come to reality my friend. $65k if you are lucky. For the bigger point here, if you are buying a F430 and probably going to buy a 09 E93 too, you are worried about $5k??? Sounds to me like you bought a car you cant afford and need to get rid of it without transfering negative equity on to the Hyundai you are buying.