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The return of Carnage and RIP to the E90

After many months away I have made my return to the forum.

That's right, CARNAGE HAS COME BACK TO E90POST BABY SO HIDE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!! I've been going through some of the threads and it's time for the voice of reality to make it's presence felt so get ready to be offended at some point during my return!

Now to the bad news, RIP E90 330i -5/13/ alot of the old members know, once I got my M3 and now my Vette, I turned the E90 over to the wife and she's been driving it for the last 2 years. Well, the car was going on 3 years old, the warranty was getting close to being done, etc. and long story short, we traded the E90 in on a 2008 Honda Accord V6 sedan. It's her car and she had to be the one happy so that what she got and to be honest, it's a great car. Is it a 3-series in terms of driving ability, no but is it as good or better car in just about all other areas, I have to say it is and was my 330i a 13K better car, I can't say it was. The fit and finish of the Accord is alot better then I expected and honestly, it's on par with my old E46 M3 which was much better then my E90. Nice leather trim on the doors, good dash materials, layout, very nice seats, etc. I'm liking the car alot better then I thought I would. It's alot bigger then the E90 inside and out and if I had to guess, I think it's similiar in size to a 5-series.

On another front, I didn't even consider a BMW right now because I'm not happy with the way they are treating people. Just because of that, they're not getting any business from me for a while.

Even thought I'm BMW-less at the moment, I'll still going to be around causing mayhem whenever possible.

In closing, here's some pics of the old E90. RIP and it was great knowing you.
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