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Originally Posted by Seattle S65B40 View Post
^^ Thanks for staying on top of the rattles Rich.

My 6MT is really noisy. Anyone else? It just sounds so clunky. Like when you put the clutch in at low speeds, it makes a clunky sound. I know it's normal (E46 M3 did the same), but does it have to be so embarrassing? sometimes it makes people look over like there is something wrong with the car...
I found that when I first got the car it was doing that but I could make it pretty smooth by timing the clutch and throttle roll-off carefully. If the car is decelerating hard and loading the gearbox it will clunk when the clutch is depressed. If you time rolling off the throttle correctly it will be hardly noticable. Also, if you wait till the car is moving very slowly it will be minor.

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