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Originally Posted by STi_traitor View Post
BPM Stg2 vs. Stock failry simple title. So easy a caveman could read it!

Good point, you seem to be very good with numbers. Now I am pointing out the difference side by side.

This is for both Nordstat and Chriskm3:

Actually its the same day I worked that ESS tune but this video is a stock car. I can have the driver of this car tell you the same. As for telling a difference, the stock car in this video still has its single leds in the head lights with OEM halos. UBER has the yellow led removed and running LUX halos. Also, UBER has a tinted e92 where this is clearly an un tinted e90.

Nice try though! It's really sad the level people will go to down an outstanding tune!
I don't know why STi have to justify his performance. Why can't people just accept BPM is better and move on? It's like flogging a dead horse. Pictures, in this case the video, is worth a thousand words. And in this case, it's worth the BPM tune - stage I or II.

Members who can't accept this are jealous and cannot accept someone can tune better then others.

I don't think you can ever replicate a perfect test situation even with a bucket load of money. Even the stock cars with same spec are different. That's the nature of the cars. Period.

Let's enjoy and have some fun. Are you going to lose your house over BPM being faster I doubt it.
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