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Originally Posted by MMattar9 View Post
Hey guys, I bought my 08 M3 from a BMW dealer at wholesale due to some issues it had. The major one besides new tires was the fact that the amplifier needs replaced. The car is no longer under any warranty and I know this is pricey. Car has iDrive and I heard there is no aftermarket amps for this issue. I've talked to a couple of local radio installers for pricing but I get worried sometimes when non-BMW companies work on my stuff. The BMW store told me it was $800 for just the amp itself, then an additional $300 for installation. Making it a grand total of $1,100.00 before tax. This seems to be ridiculous. Anyone come across this and find an alternate route to save some money?

Thanks for all feedback!
Need more information but there are options. Some more costly than others depending on what factory system you had. Was it hi-fi or individual (also known as enhanced premium sound)?
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