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Originally Posted by checkmate View Post
I'm debating if I should invest in a proper set of coilovers vs springs.

The large sampling in m3post recommend a coilover set up however considering my car is under warranty-not sure which way to go. I am looking for less bounce + smoother ride. Is it possible?
I've never ridden in a non-EDC car but you might have a blown shock (warranty). Do you know anyone else that has a non-EDC car to compare?

Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
I've never seen a set of coilovers that offered as good of a ride as springs only or stock suspension. Coilovers handle better but on the downside, normally the ride is worse.
You must have only ridden in a car that had stiffer springs/firmer damping. There's no denying a proper coilover has the makings to ride better than stock...better valving, response, heat resistant, adjustability...people just tend to stiffen things up with coilovers. Case in point...think trucks and offroad. You can setup a coilover to handle offroad imperfections...but would probably show major weakness when you introduced a grippy street tire.

BUT, you're right...stock usually has the best compromise because millions of hours and dollars (euros) are spent developing.