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Originally Posted by mooseman View Post
A lot of assumptions.
I am primarily making assumptions that the words you post with are at least vaguely rooted in truth. For example (and this is just one particular one) these:

"No wonder I never get anywhere in this world. I'm too worried about morals, ethics, principles, empathy and the other useless traits that tend to keep good guys down."

Of course if you are just fabricating a persona entirely in an attempt to add validity to your stance, then ironically you've only accomplished throwing any integrity you may have had out the window. Such a situation will not be detectable here, so rather than dwell on that, I have chosen to treat you as a genuine entity and replied accordingly. But even if I am wrong, at least we don't end up with your bizarre reverse-straw-man argument clouding up and otherwise productive show of support and posterity for the OP.

So then, on with the discussion, dear down-trodden mooseman.

It is possible the salesman used the "NO RESERVE" as a gimmick to try and boost bids. But we don't know. So why don't we set our "jaded" natures aside that allow us to assume the dealer is trying to "screw" the little man and find out more before we lynch the salesman.
I have not accused the dealership of trying to screw anyone. I am merely maintaining that there is no moral high ground that can be taken which will leave the dispute on the side of dealership since they have already precluded such consideration by attempting deception before and by treating dooma with disrespect on the phone.

I promise to grow if you will.
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