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I am also an engineer. I work for a large medical company.

I agree with what you are saying about the scope of this issue.

I disagree that you are saying that this is a mistake. It is obvious that
the dealership retracted their offer. The spotlight needs to be put on this in order for any resolution to take place. Quiet negotiating does not work with a company who is pulling the rug out from a guy who won a bidding on ebay. They need to have outside pressure put on them, legally or otherwise.

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they are spending 12 bil/wk in Iraq, 1/2 of it can't be accounted for, and this ebay car deal is a national case?

pharma companies sell drugs that kill you, and they know it, and yet they continue to so, and this ebay case trumps that?

the best he can do it quietly negotiate with the dealer...the more PR, the more they will dig their heels in...mistakes are common, and they will not allow a precedence to be set...

who do you think ebay will side with? the consumer who pays nothing, or the seller who pays fees and a % ?

do the math