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Originally Posted by rickc View Post
Where's the anger and hostility?? Please elaborate..

In your world it seems like anyone can get on eBay and purchase items without expecting to ever follow through with payment... or vice versa. Are you an anarchist? You are forgetting that this was a documented auction. Now the seller must deal with the consequences of failure to follow through with auction terms. eBay is synonymous with Sothebys in this regard. As someone mentioned earlier in plain English.. a deal is a deal. Man-up and accept it.
the anger is in your words...

a bid price on a million dollar project can be rescinded with no more than a fax stating that you have made an proof required...

so even if you took a chance and 'lowballed' the bid, you can claim 'error' and rescind your's the LAW...

the same will apply here....
so I guess a deal is a deal is not as simple as you make it, that's why we have laws and lawyers, to sort it out....