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Originally Posted by RB1 View Post
Short of getting an ESS supercharger, what does everyone recommend as 2 or 3 mods that are the best value for the M? I know seeing the word value and M in the same sentence is a bit of an oxy moron, but I'm looking for a good combo of mods without going over the top. I'd like to get the Akrapovic Evo system, but I'm worried that it won't pass CA smog. I'm also eying the ESS or AA tune, pulleys, intake, and anything else that anyone can turn me onto.

Thanks in advance folks, love the passion and info on the site!
Max power while passing CA smog. I lol'd. But really, maxing power while passing CA smog? Three items? Pulley, air filter, tune. That's not a case of what's value for money so much as it is a case of the only things you really can do within your criteria.

Now, if you remove that restriction, then Turner test pipes becomes an excellent viable option.