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Originally Posted by aleck
I have been having this annoying rhythmic steering wheel vibration usually above 80mph on most freeways. However, there are /some/ stretches of freeways where I don't have such vibrations, and there are some where the vibration is quite bad. All the above stretches of freeways seems equally smooth to me.

My front tires are probably in need of replacing and rebalancing. Mech also commented on how the inside of the front tires are wearing faster probably due to improper camber. I'll have those fixed soon but in the mean time any idea why some stretches of road is vibration free while others aren't? and that this only happens above ~80mph?
I have experienced what you are experiencing. It does appear to be your wheel/tyre being out of balance. You're actually getting vibration all the time, but some roads have a sufficiently coarse surface texture to cancel out the vibrations you would otherwise feel on a smoothly textured road.

Go to a good tyre balancing shop. Ask them to check whether there's too much runout in the tyre or alloy wheel. Excess runout is the number one reason why you get vibration even when the wheel and tyre is perfectly balanced on a dynamic balancing machine. If the runout is not excessive but sufficient to cause vibration, you'll need to have the tyres road force balanced. If your alloy wheel has excess runout, get it straightened or replaced.