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Originally Posted by Green-Eggs View Post
Didn't the OP say this is exactly what the shop did -- stopped, called him, didn't go further? Look at the OP's comments about rod #8...lube still on the bolts because they stopped, called him, and didn't go any further.

Out of curiosity, what are the too many things missing that you mention? I'm not saying they weren't missing...but I don't think any of us know what you mean without an explanation.

Let's say the shop pulls off the bottom end, sees the crank damaged beyond repair, calls the OP to tell him. According to the above comment, the shop is now responsible for rebuilding the engine. That's simply not reasonable.
From the shop:
I did it in this order. (Example: One rod/cap at a time, to make sure I didn't accidently swap caps) I didnt see this posted.
I visually inspected each bolt/bearing/cap (I find it hard to believe that the stripped bolt had 0 metal/thread on it that it wasnt till the re-use of that bolt, to varify spacing on the new bearings, that they noticed it was stripped. They are usually covered in oil. Something would be on the OE bolts)

Some of the things going thru my head if I was going thru the steps to swap bearings that I thought was missing from the shop. OP mentioned by the time they told him the bolt has no metal. Even after the 2nd time going back in??

As to your other comment, yes, they are. This is something so precise that a pre-existing issue of a stripped rod bolt was the cause?? Come on. I would lawyer as soon as I heard that. If the shop worked on your car and then took it for a test drive to validate the issue is resolved and spins out into a curb because your tires are bald, would you pay or split the bill on the damages with the shop?
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